Playphone version of PlayKids is a Children's app developed by specialists, with educational content, fun and safety for children, recognized worldwide.

The PlayKids App is a platform focused on children's learning. Find over 5,000 videos, books, cartoons, interactive activities, shows and games for children from 0 to 6 years in one place and suitable for each age. Available in 7 languages.

Join over 5 million users and learn about the world 's best kids’ app that encourages to learn through playing:

- Videos selected for the app stimulate children beyond the screen, with Do-It-Yourself, Music, and more.
- The digital library contains titles for little ones to read with the family, videos and audiobooks with stories filled with emotion.
- Activities involving STEAM subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, History, and the little one can also learn English and Spanish.
- Content produced with the support of specialists in education and children's psychology, with themes that address literacy, music, meditation, motor coordination, arts, logic, everything adapted to the universe of children, with lots of fun for the little ones.
- Online and offline content, even without internet access, just download the content you want to see.
- Little ones can watch safely and without advertisement.
- Simultaneous screen access, if you have more than one child at home, they can all play at the same time on different devices with the same subscription.
- An exclusive area for parents to have full control of what children are going to watch, over children's usage time within the app and much more.

- Exclusive content, such as: Junior on the Job, Theo, Kate, Mimi and Lupi, Kantalá, SuperHands, Tiny Balloon, Lupi Club and much more.

Besides learning, your children can watch in just one place: Storybots, Sesame Street, Masha and the Bear, Pocoyo, Little Baby Bum, Bob the builder, Morph.

Why subscribe to PlayKids?

When you subscribe to PlayKids, you'll receive complete access to the app's videos, games, books, and activities to enjoy high-quality content curated by experts to teach everything at the right time and make it all fun, too.


PlayKids has a subscription service that offers full, unlimited access to the app's videos, games, songs, books, and weekly updates! Here's how it works:

- Subscriptions are renewed once a month.
- Your subscription is valid on any device registered to your PlayKids account.
- Your subscription is renewed automatically unless you disable before the end of the current billing period.
- To manage your subscription please go to settings to get user ID, Email & phone number , then contact