Playphone Game Store is a free app that helps you discover the best Android games and connects you to a global gaming community.

Playphone Game Store is built with gamers in mind and includes game recommendations that are tailored just for you! Whether you’re looking for the best free Android game or searching for a premium game, Playphone Game Store shows games you’ll actually want to play.

Playphone Game Store doesn't just recommend games to you, it also connects you to a global gaming community that loves playing games as much as you. 


  • Hundreds of the latest and most popular free and premium Android games – with more games being added every week 
  • A deeply social and personalized platform for you, your friends, and the games you like to play 
  • Your friend’s list is available for every game making it easy to invite friends to play, see what games they’re playing or join a friend’s game 
  • Personalized game recommendations 
  • Real-time charts of trending games — across the community and among your friends