The Playphone Game Store is a socially enabled game store for mobile devices based on the Android Operating System.

The Playphone Game Store enhances the gaming experience by providing you with a fun experience to discover, play, socially interact, and purchase games.  You can discover and play games and then share this discovery with your friends by easily sending them an alert so that you can play and compete together. The social feature of this app is what allows you to easily compare your scores and achievements with the Playphone Game Store community and friends.  This includes bragging about your latest game conquest in both the Playphone Game Store and Facebook.

The Playphone Game Store offers hundreds of free to play, freemium, or premium games available for download. Each game within the Playphone Game Store has its own dedicated details page with descriptions, specs, ESRB ratings, user ratings, and reviews.  For your convenience, all purchases made are billed directly to your Playphone invoice.  This protects you by providing a trusted in-game and in-app games purchase experience with security features like a PIN for unintentional purchases.